Jouni Ahmajärvi (MA, Doctoral Student, History of Science and Ideas, Univ. of Oulu/The Finnish Literature Society) studies Gunnar Landtman’s sociological studies on social inequality and social classes in his doctoral dissertation. He also analyses Landtman’s ways of utilising scientific knowledge in the social debates on human rights, democracy, and death penalty. Ahmajärvi’s dissertation will be the first study focusing especially on Landtman’s sociology.

As part of the project, Ahmajärvi studies how Westermarck’s legacy and especially his Darwin-inspired idea on widening sympathy and altruism were taken up by Rudolf Holsti (1913) in his study on the prevalence of primitive war and the formation of political organizations. Further, Westermarck influenced Ragnar Numelin’s works on migration (1918, 1937) and the origins of diplomacy (1950), and Landtman’s ideas on the united states of Europe. They were all searching for psychological, sociological and political preconditions for a peaceful co-operation between peoples and nations.

Jouni Ahmajärvi: Månadens forskare vid Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland.