Julia Dahlberg (MA, PhD student, history, Univ. of Helsinki) is writing her PhD theses on Edward Westermarck’s sister, the artist and writer Helena Westermarck. By examining how Helena Westermarck created and performed her role as public intellectual (often through a dialogue with her brother), Dahlberg provides new insight on how the hegemonic bildung-tradition inspired by idealistic German philosophy and nation-building processes in Finland was renegotiated and challenged from the 1880’s onward.

As part of the project, Dahlberg also investigates Westermarck’s political activities and networks in relation to various national issues such as the debates on language and the relations between Finland and Russia.

Julia.Dahlberg (at) helsinki.fi

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Julia Dahlberg: Månadens forskare vid Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland