Otto Pipatti’s (M. Soc. Sci., Doctoral student, Sociology, Univ. of Helsinki) doctoral thesis Morality Made Visible: The Moral and Social Theory of Edward Westermarck will focus on the sociological and social theoretical aspects of Westermarck’s study of morality. Pipatti provides a thorough investigation of Westermarck’s ethics by analysing his key ideas of moral emotions, sympathy, the emergence, maintenance and change of social institutions, and the interplay between the individual and social aspects of morality. In addition, Pipatti examines the intellectual background of Westermarck’s moral and social theorising by relating it to the philosophical context of eighteenth century Scottish sentimentalism.

In the research project, Pipatti will extend his study of Westermarck’s evolutionism into the evolutionary theoretical framework of Westermarck’s disciples.

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